Anonymous said:
Hi!!!!! I love your blog SOOO much!!! Your edits are amazing!!! I love them SOOO freaking much!!! <3 <3 I was wondering if you can edit the newest 10 star photo of yongguk holding the flower in color but without the 10 star logo? It's okay if you can't. But any way, still love your blog!!!!

Thank you anon~ We all appreciate it! And no problem, I’ll get right on it ^^

Edit: We’ve already edited it! xD haha sorry for the wrong reply.

Anonymous said:
Hmm.. Maybe this question is a bit strange but, you know some ugly opinions that say about B.A.P? Such as "B.A.P has no talent".. I know, this question is soo strange.. I always ignored the comments anti bap and now I need to know ^^ I didn't know who to ask and sorry if I annoy you

Yes, this is strange….but i don’t think we’re the people you should ask since…we don’t exactly talk negatively about groups we like…

you’re not annoying us at all! but we don’t think we’re the right people you should be asking ^^;;;;; but the only thing we can tell you is to search on google????????????????????