The first graphic blog dedicated to TS Ent.'s
pop and hip-hop groups, Secret and B.A.P!
Please, post Sonamoo as well (bow) I love your blog❤️❤️❤️

we’ll see~ and thank you so much! ^^

Hey just wanted to let you know I would really like if you posted other to groups, they all need love, right? ^^

thanks for sharing your opinion! i will make a post about it as soon as i’ll decide what to do about the other groups~~

On your last post about the graphics you make here, I prefer a blog with only secret and bap because it seems like a lot of pressure for you to edit all three groups lol

oh but it’s totally fine! i don’t think any of the editors will mind editing the other groups, and it’s not like we’ll have to spam the blogs with edits or anything so it won’t be a burden to us ^^ we’re just trying to provide you with more edits for your/our favorite groups and if you guys want us to edit untouchable and sonamoo as well as b.a.p and secret, we will~

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