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can you make more edits of jieun please? i always see a lot of sunhwa and hyosung but not enough jieun esp since she's promoting now and plenty of pics of her were released?? i don't mean to be rude and call you guys biased but just more jieun would be nice ^^ thank you!~

you didn’t sound rude at all~! but the reason (at least for me) we haven’t edited those new photos is because the quality is really bad and i don’t think anyone would want bad edits, at least i don’t want to since i really care about this blog and i wouldn’t want to post edits that don’t look nice ^^ and about editing more hyosung and sunhwa, i don’t think any of us is being biased either but it’s just that there are more picturess of hyosung and sunhwa for us to edit since they’re both active with both new photoshoots and dramas, you know, and if so we should post more of hana but sadly, there aren’t editable pictures except for those old photoshoots or news pictures that most of the times aren’t nice/quality enough :// so yeah it all depends on which member is having more solo promotions/photoshoots/whatever because i remember clearly all the edits/gifs we made during jieun’s last comeback~ (torturous hope) so please just be patient because we’ll try to edit all we can and to post enough edits for each member (of both groups) ^^

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